LAR has its origins in ancient Rome, being the place where families remembered and prayed for their ancestors. By worshiping LARES, these divinities were the guardians of the household. LAR is also the space where a family lives, by connecting two concepts: the house and the people who live in it. LAR living is born in Empordà (Costa Brava), a Mediterranean region used as a gate for Greeks and Romans into the Iberian peninsula. Connecting sea and mainland, rich in colors, tradition and life. Its landscape is characterized by crops of wheat, rice, sunflowers and infinite fields of olive trees and vineyards. Local gastronomy, inherited by ancient Greeks over two millennials ago, is renowned for combining tradition and modernity. LAR living team starts with three friends from Empordà (Costa Brava) and Miami (USA), with a common philosophy of selecting which items will enhance the engagement between your house and you.