Ceramic wine bottle cooler

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COLORS AVAILABLE: Yellow - Blue - Green - White - Black - Red – Orange 

Bottles of wine always crown the dining table, being the central element giving sense to its surrounding. Good wine accompanies your home-made food cooked with soul.

LAR bottle-holder will maintain the wine temperature thanks to the properties of not-glazed bottom clay, and enhances your table-setting with elegance and color.
It can also be used as a decorative vase due to its shape and inner capacity.

MATERIAL: hand-made in La Bisbal (Costa Brava – Europe) with top glazed ceramic and bottom with galvanized manganese brushing.

SIZE: 5.2”x5.2”x9” // 13x13x23cm  
WEIGHT: 2.6lbs // 1.2 kg

Important note: bottom part of the product is made with galvanized manganese clay which provides the charcoal finish; therefore it is not glazed, and given the material properties, it can be porous. We do not recommend putting water directly into the vase in order to avoid dripping.